3D visualisation of new building projects

Realizing more sales from a plan? We know how!

3D animation is increasingly finding its way into the world of entertainment. However, the construction industry can also benefit from this evolution. 3D allows you to work out new construction projects down to the smallest details - even providing a realistic view from the terrace (thanks to drone footage). This is an invaluable useful tool for contractors and architects who realize a contemporary approach is the only way to proceed in these times of digitisation!

The advantages of 3D animation

The advantages of 3D animations for a new construction project are countless: 

  • they allow a full exploration of a property, even before the first stone is turned.
  • they offer an easy-to-use method to get insight into building plans.
  • they help builders visualise future projects, enabling you, as a contractor or architect, to get more assignments.
  • finally, 3D presentations guarantee a clear view of the future state of a new-built project, so that disappointments are avoided after completion.

Is 3D animation also your tool?

Time saving, more efficient, a greater chance of getting new assignments… Actually, there are no reasons not to work with 3D animations, certainly, when they carry the VR Media stamp of quality.

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