Virtual Reality makes the difference

3D realisations of your spaces are very powerful tools. VR Media can help you develop your business further.

Virtual Reality for real estate

Convince potential buyers or tenants with a virtual visit to your home. From now on, you can discover a property through a virtual tour without having to be physically present. VR is, therefore, the perfect added value to the real estate market.

Existing properties New building projects

Virtual Reality for builders and architects

From 2D photography and 3D data to a complete 3D model. VR Media scans your site or potential property, and after a few hours, your virtual model is ready. View the technical installations and all other pipework from your office in virtual reality.

For existing properties New building projects

Virtual Reality for shops and restaurants

In the realm of shops and restaurants, VR Media's 3D visualisations are the perfect marketing tool to make the difference online. Allow future customers to familiarise themselves with your business by investing in the new Matterport technology.

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Virtual Reality for travel and leisure

With a virtual 3D scan, your visitors will know exactly what to expect on arrival. You can give them an actual presentation of your accommodation in advance with the 3D showcase from VR Media. In addition, customers can view their new destination on a smartphone, tablet and desktop.

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Virtual Reality for insurers and consultants

As an insurer or consultant, you get an exact and indisputable image of the condition of the place through a 3D visualisation. With Virtual Reality, you can easily stop endless discussions in the case of damage and rental disputes.

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We are convinced that virtual reality applies to any business. Contact us without obligation and we will gladly make time for an exploratory conversation.

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