3D visualisation: virtual access to existing and future buildings

3D visualisation from a PLAN

3D-visualisaties vanop bouwplan bij VR Media

3D visualisation of EXISTING properties

3D-visualisaties van bestaande plannen bij VR Media

A 3D visualisation which demonstrates a project to (potential) buyers so there is no need for them to visit a location in person? Or offers a tour of a project that has not yet been realised?

Today, this is perfectly possible thanks to VR Media‚Äôs expertise.

This is the ideal, interactive marketing tool - not just for existing buildings but also for projects that exist on paper only.

3D visualisation from a PLAN

A 3D visualisation of a plan is a unique tool to help sell properties and ensure greater pre-sales. This software, which is written on behalf of us, VR Media, allows property developers and real estate agents the capacity to show potential buyers real life representations of homes and apartments that still need to be built.

This makes it a lot easier for buyers to get a spatial image of their new future home. If you wish, we can even add a realistic view of the garden or terrace to the 3D model by using drone footage from the location. Additional software installation is not necessary and delivery will take place within two weeks of your order!

This is the perfect tool for property developersinterior designers, 3D designers and real estate agents.

3D visualisation of EXISTING properties

For a 3D visualisation of existing properties, you can also rely on us. Using 3D scans we make a clear, detailed representation of your business or property, which reflects reality exactly. Visitors can view your project from their screen (PC, smartphone or tablet) - without specific software and with or without the use of VR glasses!

Ideal for, real estate agentsbuilders and architectsshop and hotel ownersinsurers and consultants, and holiday accommodation providers.

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The benefits of Virtual Reality



In a virtual world, you get total freedom of movement. You offer visitors the opportunity to navigate through all the spaces of your home or property, just as if they were there.



You will sell or rent products or homes faster. Potential buyers or tenants can understand the reality well in advance. 



Primarily, virtual reality is used in real estate. But, in addition to homes, shops, restaurants and offices, you can also make a 3D visualisation of other products or locations.

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