3D interior of your shop or restaurant

Would you like to have a 3D interior of your shop or restaurant? The big asset is that potential customers or connoisseurs can become acquainted with the interior before they arrive. When they visit you or make an appointment, it's because they are genuinely interested. Which is beneficial for all parties! VR Media has all the expertise to make you a magnificent 3D representation. Helping you increase the number of visitors and reservations.


Visualise the look and feel

For shops and restaurants, getting the look and feel of your business across to your (future) customers is very important. With our solution, you can do this in a virtual way, which is unique in Belgium. This enables people to take a look at your business from their PC, tablet or phone. And that puts you ahead of the game with your competitors!

Virtual work to be done!

With our detailed high tech method, we make an exact copy of your restaurant or shop. Would you like to know more? Or, would you like to make an appointment to discuss your options? We await your e-mail or phone call!

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