3D model to efficiently support insurers and consultants

A 3D model to resolve conflicts or answer questions about insurance issues or expert appraisals? These two VR Media specialists make it possible by using the latest technology. The result is a stunning 3D model that gives an unprecedented view of the damage or rental disputes in question. With our solution, discussions with tenants or counterparties are now ruled out! In addition, you can distinguish yourself from your colleagues.


Solution for disputes without 3D glasses

Due to the 3D view of certain spaces or damages, you can display an accurate and indisputable image of reality as a consultant or insurer! Not only will you save an incredible amount of time, but damage cases will be compensated correctly. An additional advantage: you do not need 3D glasses or special software. A tablet, phone or PC is sufficient!

Is our method for you?

Would you like to start with a 3D model to underline your expertise? We will gladly meet with you. Just give us a call!

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