3D tour of your project

Would you like a 3D tour of your real estate project for potential buyers? Admit it,isn't that what most real estate agents (and private sellers) dream about? It's not only easier for the buyer,but for you too. VR Media makes the tour a reality based on their sophisticated 3D scans. That way,your project is open 24/7 for a virtual visit and,of course, this is very encouraging for commercial purposes. Certainly because it does not cost you any time or money!


The advantages of a 3D tour

In addition to the convenience of viewing a home from a PC, tablet or phone, there are many other advantages. The private owner knows that visitors calling for a physical visit, have already explored the home and, therefore, are effectively interested. Once the property has been sold or rented, the 3D scan is also a beautiful and realistic keepsake.

Assets for professionals

Professional real estate agents can offer their prospects a service that is unique in the Belgian market. Real estate owners will definitely be amazed. With a 3D tour, you can distinguish yourself from your competitors. Furthermore, physical visits will be limited to candidates who have already visited the property in advance. It has also been proven that homes with a 3D scan are sold faster and at a better price.


A 3D tour as the ultimate sales asset?

As a private or professional seller of real estate, would you like to showcase real estate with this exclusive service through which your property is digitally copied and represented? Do you have any questions? Let us know and if necessary we will make an appointment as soon as possible!

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