Present your holiday home online with a 3D tour

Would you like to present your holiday home online so that interested parties can virtually walk around the premises? Thanks to the use of our state-of-the-art technology, VR Media can provide you with this opportunity. As a landlord of a hotel, B&B or holiday home, you can be certain the people who contact you are genuinely interested. Also for cultural institutions, including museums, a 3D tour can offer real added value.


Virtual 3D scan

The big advantage of a virtual 3D scan is that your visitors/customers will not be disappointed on arrival. Since they will already know what to expect thanks to the realistic representation of your accommodation. Furthermore, your guests will feel at home from the moment they check in. They will be at ease and start their holiday with complete peace of mind. Up market customers will especially appreciate this!

Holiday home: online success!

Because visitors to your website have already made a virtual tour of your property, they will be more likely to book on the spot. Simply because you will know how to convey the holiday feeling! In short, our method literally adds value. Is your business regularly used by event planners? You are also making it easier for them, because now, they can prepare their project in a professional manner, without having to disturb you.


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